Europe currently has no harmonised approach to ensure that the iodine intake of European citizens is sufficient to prevent health problems. EUthyroid aims to evaluate existing IDD prevention programmes by collating and analysing data from disease registries of at least 19 of the 27 partner countries into a joint database that will constitute a model for future pan-European data collection aiming to monitor the effects of IDD prevention programmes.

The EUthyroid database currently contains 25 IDD monitoring studies from 13 European countries. By the end of 2017, an additional 25 studies are expected to be added. The database will collect data from a grand total of up to 45 studies from 24 countries. Data processing and standardisation of data to allow comparisons between different countries and the calculation of rates are currently being performed.

EUthyroid is building up infrastructures supporting population studies to monitor the iodine status and the prevalence/ incidence of thyroid diseases. An improved validity of study findings will enhance the acceptance of our research and will facilitate decisions of national bodies to regularly monitor IDD prevention programmes. In this regard, EUthyroid follows the vision of improving iodine and thyroid epidemiology on a global scale. EUthyroid has started with European partners, but is already reaching beyond the continent. Any institution involved in IDD monitoring is cordially invited to become associated with EUthyroid!

Critical to the achievement of these lofty goals are the many organisations providing registry data, conducting harmonised studies to EUthyroid standards or contributing to the various additional activities pursued as part of the project. 57 organisations from 25 countries participate in EUthyroid as associated parties working towards the realisation of these aims.