Croatian partner Professor Zvonko Kusić and Dr Tomislav Jukic appear on Croatian TV channel ‘HRT1’

29/05/2018 -

On Wednesday 23rd May, Professor Zvonko Kusić and Dr Tomislav Jukic from EUthyroid partner KBCSM were guests on the show ‘Dobar Dan Hrvatska’ (translated as ‘Good Day Croatia) on the main Croatian national TV channel ‘HRT1’.

This show addresses a general audience. During their 10 minutes slot, they talked about a range of topics, including: thyroid diseases in general, prevalence, treatment, thyroid medications, diagnostics as well as about the importance of sufficient iodine intake for normal thyroid function, especially in pregnancy (250 ug daily), as well as the WHO recommendation to restrict salt intake to a maximum of 5 g daily. The EUthyroid project was also briefly mentioned during the conversation.